How To Get A Motorcycle License : How to start the engine. The operation method of a brake.

How To Get A Motorcycle License

How to start the engine.  The operation method of a brake.

Today's training is the 3rd hour,and 4th hour.

After the Work, motorcycle training is started from 18:50 and is about 2 hours before 20:40.
The instructor changed from today's training.
It seems that there are about about 5 or 6 instructors in this motorcycle driving school.
From a reservation table, an instructor changes in every 2 hours.
It seems that training which had a margin considerably in order that an entire beginner may also enable it to ride a motorcycle completely.

Instantly,Straddle motorcycle, a key is turned to the position of a start and a starter is turned.

After practicing a little fundamental operation of a clutch or a brake, a motorcycle is actually run.
If it begins to run, it will hardly change to an easy motorbike.

The practice which practices a gear change or stops to a predetermined position is repeated.

I failed many.

By slope start, the fault the engine stop.
I miss winker switch pushing,  The big phon has been sounded to the instructor who is running front of me! hahaha!
Me: I am sorry, it mistook!
Instructor: "don't mind,"
I was panic shamefully.

But there was also a good thing.

Instructor said to me, -- the time of an end -- " You have those with an operation sense. "

The instructor is doing chinning exercises several times by being certainly a top steel frame of the entrance of a motorbike hut after motorcycle training record.

Physical strength is required for operation of a big bike.


How To Get A Motorcycle License : How to pick up a motorcycle and How to push a motorcycle.

How To Get A Motorcycle License

1st training.  How to push a motorcycle.

It begins from greeting an instructor.
Then, "Please take out a motorbike from a motorbike hut" is said instantly.
HONDA CB750 is heavy.
pushing motorcycle is so heavy than image.

motorcycle hut.
There is much Honda's motorcycle. and the motorcycle driving school in Japan has purchased the motorcycle made from HONDA in many cases. 

Muscles twitch!
A motorbike is pushed and it moves to a predetermined position.
Since I pushed the motorcycle with a weight of 200 kg for the first time and walked, the breath became painful. If it does not take care about balance on either side, a motorbike will fall.

Harley-Davidson may be so heavy and may be hard to treat.
I was becoming somewhat uneasy.

2nd training How to pick up a motorcycle

How to pick up a fallen motorcycle is very easy.
Physical strength is unnecessary.
Using the principle of the lever, as a leg is stretched, it is raised.

lifting harley↓

Then, Instructors teach me an engine start method and the gear change method.
Today's trainings of all were ended.
I treated large-sized motorcycle for the first time for about 2 hours, I got muscular pain.


Large-sized motorcycle license Training (long course) expense in Japan.

Hello, everyone.
My nickname is Hamachan.

Today, explains motorcycle license Training expense of Japan.

In Japan, People can ride on the motorcycle of the displacement volume below 51 cc or more and 400 cc with a medium size motorcycle license.
Moreover, people can ride on a motorcycle of 401 cc or more by large-sized motorcycle license.

In Japan,In order to ride Harley-Davidson, large-sized motorcycle license is required.
Although it is the expense of large-sized motorcycle license, it will become somewhat cheap if the automobile license is acquired beforehand.

It is because traffic training is exempted.
Large-sized motorcycle license Training (long course) is 26 hours, And traffic training is 1 hour.

And,Large-sized motorcycle license Training (long course) expense is about 2100 dollars.
If you ride motorcycle in Japan,Large-sized motorcycle license Training (long course) expense not only,but also motorcycle inspection expense, maintenance expense, and a insurance are also required.

1. Automobile inspection expense   About 100,000 yen. Initial registration [three year validity] ,and once in two years henceforth.

2. Voluntary insurance about 25,000 yen in the case aged 30 and over.
When you have no age limit, it is about 70,000 yen.

3. Fuel cost is about 100,000 yen per year. About [ every day 30km ] run.

4. Light vehicle tax is 4000 yen. For one year.

5. Maintenance cost is about 50,000 yen. An oil change, tire exchange, etc.

customizing is more expensive.
However,  In Japan, HarleyDavidson -customizing stores have a lot of parts ,too.
An expensive part and a cheap part can be purchased via the Internet.
Of course, the dealer is also dealing with it.


A middle-aged Japanese man, large-sized motorbike license acquisition

Hello, everyone.
I am the middle age of 46 years old which lives in Japan.
In order to obtain the license of a large-sized motorcycle today, it went into the motorcycle driving school. 
License of the motorbike which it was wanting from a high school student. 
my high school was too near from my house, the school side did not allow the license of the motorcycle. 
A number of years or after ,when I was 18 years old and acquires ordinary motor vehicle license, 
He was busy with marriage, child-rearing, and work, and forgot it a license of motorbike completely. 
A certain year, staff reassignment occur and I moved to its post different from the place which was being committed till last year. 
It was transferred to the heavy post of responsibility,The necessity for stress alleviation was imminent.

It remembered then.    I want to run in Harley-Davidson!
I decided to challenge, [ taking large-sized motorcycle license and riding on Harley-Davidson ].
Although it is such a little dream,I think that the this blog being surely helpful to someone. 
I believed and decided to write this blog.

Please enjoy yourself, although he is poor at my English. 
just, starting!

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